Marvel Strike Force Hack

Marvel Strike Force Hack – Power Cores and Gold Cheats 2018

Marvel Strike Force is an upcoming squad based role-playing game, which is developed and published by FoxNext. The game will be released in 2018, but it has created a huge hype before its release as lots of fans are looking forward to it. The game as well as Marvel Strike Force Hack will be released for both iOS and Android pocket platforms.

Marvel Strike Force Hack

Pre-Registration Bonus:

To build up the curiosity amongst players, the developers have introduced a pre-registration bonus. The gamers who register before the release of the game will be entitled to 500 Power Cores, 50,000 Gold, and a 3 Star Daredevil playable character. If you miss this, don’t worry as you may use our Marvel Strike Force Hack 2018. As the game is not yet released, the significance of these sign-up bonuses is not known till now. However, if you want to try out the game after the release, then just pre-register on their gaming website in order to lay your hands on these freebies.


As Marvel Strike Force is a team based game, players will have to assemble a group of their favorite superheroes in order to fight against the legendary arch-rivals of these heroes. The game features more than 70 different heroes, which can be used as a playable character. These heroes can be evolved through trainings and power ups.

Heroes’ fighting as a team is a key element found in Marvel, so in the game as well these elements are well preserved. Heroes such as Rocket and Groot are better when assembled as a team rather than paired with other players. Some of the Heroes and Villains, which will be featured in the game are; Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Spider Man, Elektra, Loki, Star Lord, etc.

The game plot is very interesting, where players team up with the S.H.I.E.L.D director Nick Fury in order to fight against a legendary villain Ultimas. Ultimas is one of the most strongest villains of marvel universe and the best part is that he has never been featured in any of the games or movies ever!

The game plot goes like this; Ultimas a warlord from Kree planet has conquered every version of earth in space and he has come to our earth. Our Heroes assemble together as a S.T.R.I.K.E Force (Strategic Tactical Reserve For Inter-Dimensional Key Events), which is the line of defense against all alien invasions.

A lot about Ultimas is unknown, but as per the comics he is extremely powerful and his powers are equivalent to that of Thanos. The gameplay is turn-based combat system, where players have to wait for their turn in order to strike. Each combat will pair players against team of anti-heroes and their minions, until they face Ultimas in the final fight.

Features Of The Game:

The controls will be to swipe and press, and the damage inflicted will depend on how fast you manage the controls. Each character has 3 to 4 different un-lockable abilities and by unlocking them, the improved game mechanics are introduced.

The game will also feature a Player vs. Player mode, where they will face other players from across the globe. The game even has a multiplayer cooperative mode where you can combine your forces with your friends in order to conduct more powerful raids on enemies. It can become difficult from time to time, so do not hesitate to try Marvel Strike Force Cheats. The best aspect of the game is the graphics as they will be better than what you have ever experienced in pocket-based super hero games.

Till date, the work force contributed towards development of the app is over 200 thousand hours, which can be felt in the game trailer. With all these features packed in a single game, do you need anything else? One thing is certain, that this game and Marvel Strike Force Hack will be something every marvel fan will want to lay their hands on!



Marvel Strike Force Hack