Marvel Strike Force Hack

Marvel Strike Force Hack – Power Cores and Gold Cheats 2019

Marvel Strike Force is an upcoming squad based role-playing game, which is developed and published by FoxNext. In this game, you will come across innumerable characters that you get to watch in Marvel movies. Your main motive in the game is to collect several characters and battle with the enemies. So, are you ready to acquire your favorite characters like Captain America, Spiderman, Nebula, Iron Man, and Thor. The game as well as Marvel Strike Force Hack is working for both iOS and Android pocket platforms.

Marvel Strike Force Hack 2019

Marvel Strike Force Hack

Entertaining Gameplay:



You can unlock your favorite characters by progressing in the game. Each character has a set of strengths and weaknesses. The only way to achieve success in the game is by increasing the team power, which can be done by enhancing the skills of your heroes or by using Marvel Strike Force Hack.

Heroes’ fighting as a team is a key element found in Marvel, so in the game as well these elements are well preserved. Heroes such as Rocket and Groot are better when assembled as a team rather than paired with other players. Some of the Heroes and Villains, which will be featured in the game are; Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Spider Man, Elektra, Loki, Star Lord, etc.

The game plot is very interesting, where players team up with the S.H.I.E.L.D director Nick Fury in order to fight against a legendary villain Ultimas. Ultimas is one of the most strongest villains of marvel universe and the best part is that he has never been featured in any of the games or movies ever!

The game plot goes like this; Ultimas a warlord from Kree planet has conquered every version of earth in space and he has come to our earth. Our Heroes assemble together as a S.T.R.I.K.E Force (Strategic Tactical Reserve For Inter-Dimensional Key Events), which is the line of defense against all alien invasions.

A lot about Ultimas is unknown, but as per the comics he is extremely powerful and his powers are equivalent to that of Thanos. The gameplay is turn-based combat system, where players have to wait for their turn in order to strike. Each combat will pair players against team of anti-heroes and their minions, until they face Ultimas in the final fight.

Daily Challenges:

You will come across several challenges each day. If you complete these challenges successfully then you can earn innumerable resources as rewards. When you start playing the game, you should complete these challenges regularly as they are the best way to earn plenty of resources and make you reach new levels quickly. However the faster way is to use Marvel Strike Force Cheats.

You will get challenges that consist of different tiers. As the tier increases, so does the rewards! Each player can win a particular challenge three times every day. As a reward, you can earn plenty of Gold by completing challenges. So, always keep an eye on them.

Gold And Power Cores:

Gold is the primary in-game currency that is used for buying supplies as well as enhancing your gaming characters. Gold will even be required for training heroes and crafting gears. You can acquire Gold as a reward by completing various challenges that are available on certain days like Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.

On the other hand, Power Cores are the main currency, which can be used for buying Orbs, Arena Charges, Energy Refills, Supplies, Health Packs, etc. You can purchase Power Cores from the game store by spending real money. Or use Marvel Strike Force hack to acquire them in huge amounts.

Upgrading The Characters:

You can upgrade your gaming characters in four ways: Abilities, Level, Rank, and Gear. All four upgrades will enhance your playable character’s power rating. To level up a character, you will require Training Modules. In the game, there are four types of Training Modules and each of them offers varied number of Gold and XP. For instance, to level up a character at level 11, you will require 150 XP and at Level 14, you will require 250 XP.

To upgrade the rank of your characters, you will require Shards as well as Gold. Each gaming character can be ranked up to a maximum of seven Stars. For instance; to rank 1, you will need 15 Shards and 100 Gold. To rank 5, you will require 130 Shards and 1,50,000 Gold. On the other hand, to level up abilities, you will require Ability Materials as well as Gold.

Unlocking New Gaming Characters:

To unlock a new playable character, you will require certain amount of Shards of that particular hero. Earning them is not an easy task. To acquire Shards, you need to complete campaign missions, achievements, daily challenges, special events, etc. Orbs are another way to acquire Shards. You can either purchase Orbs with real money or earn them in the game.

Top 5 Heroes:

Hawkeye: He is an expert archer and can be unlocked at 2 Stars. You will require 45 Shards to unlock him.

Hulk: He gets stronger when damaged. He can be unlocked at 4 Stars and costs 180 Shards.

Iron Man: He displays high armor but low health. You can unlock him at 5 Stars and will cost you 310 Shards.

Luke Cage: He is an extremely tough character that can be unlocked at 2 Stars. He will cost you 45 Shards.

Captain America: He belongs to the protector class and can be unlocked at 3 Stars. You will require 100 Shards to unlock him.

Top 5 Villains:

Crossbones: He is a diehard attacker that can be unlocked at 2 Stars and would cost you 45 Shards.

Bullseye: He is a ruthless villain that can be unlocked at 1 Star. You will require 15 Shards to unlock him.

Nebula: You can unlock this cruel attacker at 1 Star by spending 15 Shards.

Nobu: His specialty is to entrap his enemies quickly. You can unlock him at 3 Stars by spending 100 Shards.

Winter Soldier: He can be unlocked at 2 Stars and will cost 45 Shards. He has the capability to assault his selected enemies with deadly attacks.

Top 5 Minions:

Hand Archer: You can unlock this deadly archer at 1 Star by spending 15 Shards.

Hand Assassin: Similar to Hand Archer, this quick attacker can be unlocked at 1 Star and for 15 Shards.

Hand Sorceress: This mystical healer can drain the health meter of your character easily. You can unlock it at 1 Star by spending 15 Shards.

Hydra Armored Guard: You can unlock the loyal and resilient Hydra guards at 1 Star by spending 15 Shards.

Hydra Scientist: They have the ability to use experimental treatments for healing their comrades. You can unlock them at 1 Star by spending 15 Shards.

Other than the aforesaid heroes and villains, there are many more characters that you can acquire. By procuring all these characters, you need to build a powerful team. If your team is not strong enough, then you won’t be able to win the battles. Also, as you keep progressing, you will be able to unlock various characters. And for that you can always try using Marvel Strike Force Hack. This will make your task of building a strong team tougher as your choices are widening.

To conclude, Marvel Strike Force is an excellent online game that has been published and developed by FoxNext. The game can be enjoyed on IOS and Android pocket platforms. You can either enjoy playing the Player vs. Player mode or the multiplayer mode. Whichever game mode you play, one thing is for sure that you are going to have an awesome time. So, a quick shout to all Marvel fans out there; just lay your hands on this one right away!

Marvel Strike Force Hack

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