Marvel Strike Force – A Simple Path to Victory

Marvel has a huge fan base over the time due to their sci-fi characters and there are so many games on the same for smartphone, gaming consoles and PC. In the current time, Marvel Strike Force Cheats is a trending game played by fans mainly which is available for Smartphones at Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store.

This role-playing game is developed by FoxNext which is totally based on battle and victory. You can unlock amazing characters based on their abilities and you are also able to unlock their moves to win in battles. You must save the world using all those characters and it can be done with the use of virtual currencies of the game.

  1. Earning Virtual Currencies

Gold chip is the primary currency in this game and you have several other colored chips. You can earn them by leveling up and attaining higher amount of currencies. To progress at faster rate and becoming a better gamer, you must complete small obstacles, and keep on completing the battles. There are number of missions to complete. Doing the whole stuff let you earn free gold and more.

  1. Unlocking Ironman, Nickle Fury and Other Characters

When the gamer complete level five, you can unlock better characters. It takes a little time to get such high levels. The reason behind this factor is, you will be learning the basics and mastering through tutorial. Keep on playing until you reach level five. After that, you must start unlocking characters using gold and other currencies. It takes a little time but you can do it after couple of days. When you keep on completing level, you will unlock hulk and other avenger series characters easily.

  1. Nabbing Gears to Upgrade

To enhance your character abilities and getting on the better level, you must nab gears and it will come in handy to battle against aliens and others. Make sure that you keep on boosting the hit-point which will enhance the ability to defend against enemies. It takes a little time to progress but if you are doing it wisely, you can get rid of aliens and other creatures in the small time. If you increase the hit power, you can enhance the offense power which will let you battle with ease.

  1. Playing Events

Events are best places to unlock better characters. You start at a slow pace and when you keep on upgrading, you can play events in a better manner. This will help boosting the abilities and unlocking new characters. All the characters aren’t good to go after but unlocking them will be effective to collect some of the best characters. You can play hard missions preferring them which will be an effective choice. Make sure that you earn enough currencies before unlocking a character. As you get the character, you should spend couple of gold chips to increase the power.

  1. Blitz, and Raids

One of the hardest challenges in this game is to battle in blitz and raids. These are good to offer you free gold and if it goes well planned like playing slow and exploring the map wisely, you will earn higher amount for sure. You can get character shards which are also available for the purchase but this method will save your money and help progressing at a faster range. You can play in blitz and raids by using all the characters one by one. Start from your basic characters so that you can upgrade easily.

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