Marvel Strike Force – How to Earn Gold, Character Shards, and Spend them Wisely

When it comes to some of the best games on Marvel Universe, you can find plenty of titles available for smartphones. One of the best options that you can try out is Marvel Strike Force Hack, which is known for intense graphics, realistic gameplay, and so many other things that you can check out in this game.

It is available for free, and you can download it from google play store as well as from the apple app store for free. In case you are already playing this game and facing a hard time to progress due to a lack of virtual currencies like gold and character shards, then this guide is enough to help you out. Here, we are mentioning the easy to method earn virtual currencies and spending them.

  • Earning Gold, character

To obtain a good number of gold and other kinds of chips, you can consider going with raids, blitz, events, and such other methods.

  • You can start playing blitz mode where you are able to get gold chips. Even there are other color options also available. These are required to upgrade characters.
  • To attain character shards, you need to focus on events because they are full of shards. Each event will give you plenty of character shards. You can play them using all the characters and obtain a good number with ease.
  • Raids are effective in attaining gears and nab them out on your characters. You can boost their abilities and make them better as compared to the other ones. Isn’t it one of the effective ways to progress faster.

After considering these three tips, you will be getting gold, character shards, and several other resources that you need for a better progression.

  • How to Spend?

To progress wisely and never getting slower into this game, you must focus on virtual currencies mainly. If you keep on spending them blindly, you may need to buy them using real money. So, the below mentioned are some easy to ways to avoid expenditures –

  • Keep on collecting gold and other chips for an upgrade. If you get a new character, do not upgrade until you are going to use the same character for a long time. If you have a blaster, protector, or support character, then prioritize the upgrade expansions. It will help you progress easily.
  • Character shards are important to unlock more characters. Keep on getting them, and do not waste them on characters that aren’t strong. You might end up keeping them as extra. So, start your collection of shards, and then, it will be an easy thing without any issue.
  • The last thing is to spend your real money on the purchase of virtual currency. We suggest that you avoid the purchase until you feel stuck. In such cases, get the beginner pack for a kick start only.

After considering these tips, you can progress easily. Keep it in mind that you earn the resources and spend them wisely.

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