Simple Ways to Get Extra Gold in Marvel Strike Force

Beginner gamers of Marvel Strike Force know that progression is one of the important things which is based on virtual currencies. Gold and Character Shards are getting higher importance in the game, which can easily make you feel fed up from the mechanism of unlocking new characters. If you want to get better characters and don’t want to waste time on simple battles, we have some easy methods which can come in handy to you.

  1. Daily Login

To get free gold, you should log in to this game daily. If you are logging in every day, the free amount will keep on increasing with the time. Make sure you start playing the game daily. Even if you open the game for a short burst of time, you will get free gold, and it can also provide you character shards with ease, which will be an effective option.

  1. Connect with Social Media

Most of the smartphone games offer you to connect the Facebook account with the game. This will give you extra gold, and if you are lucky, you can earn extra character shards or even a character. There are so many ways to obtain free stuff, and this one is absolutely the best one. As you invite friends and they play the game, you will get free stuff out of that. This thing can easily make you prefer getting social media to account connected for the betterment.

  1. Events

Events are a bit typical to play, but if you use the starter or support character for events, you will deal with easier battles. They can help you learn new moves, getting better at them, and enhancing the progression. This will also get you free gold stuff. Even blitz is the same thing, and they are also offering a good number of virtual currencies to rely on.

  1. Watch Advertisements

On the main screen, you can find a column to watch advertisements. Watching them will offer you free virtual currencies, that’s why you can prefer them without any issue. If you are a newbie, then it is important that you should start watching ads for two or three times a day. It will give you gold, and you can unlock character with the same method also.

  1. In-game purchases deals

Make sure that you do not spend the real money until you feel stuck. But, if you are doing it, then look out for deals. There are so many amazing deals every week, and you can get the best profit among them. They can offer a 50% discount or extra stuff, or you can unlock ironman directly. Getting a blaster player will help you become the master in a couple of days; that’s why it is an easy and highly reliable method.


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